Our flatbed ZFF has been optimized for even better flexibility when loading piece goods. The design and low flatbed height give you a user-friendly vehicle with cargo securing adapted to your needs.

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Zetterbergs fastflak ZFF med surrningspunkter i botten och förvaring av flakstöttor i framstam.

Flatbed ZFF

Flatbed is a stable and flexible load platform.

Our flatbed ZFF has loading facilities tailored to your exact needs. With a low flat height, you will have a very user-friendly working vehicle. The bed has a galvanized steel construction for optimal corrosion protection, the bottom of the bed is covered with exterior bonded wear-resistant plywood, and the front has a tubular design with integrated storage for bed legs. During transport, you can secure the most bulky loads by creating “walls” with bed legs, pallets, or similar items in the coordinate system of the lashings in the bed bottom.

Flexible loading

Large coordinate system with over 200 lashing points on the flatbed to ensure secure cargo transportation.

Stable surface

Galvanized steel construction for extremely good torsional rigidity and optimal corrosion protection.


Manufactured according to the customer's needs and preferences within specified intervals.

Easy to work with

With a low flat height and optimal adaptation to the chassis, the flatbed becomes easy to handle.

Product photos

Our flatbed is tailored to all chassis models and is manufactured based on the customer’s needs. The flatbed is also available as a complete set, ready to be assembled. More deliveries will be presented regularly on our social media channels.

Optional features

Hydraulic retractable beam in the back including a holder for a cargo support.

Hung as a door on the side.

Extendable ladder

Aluminum crutches 63 x 2500 mm.


Mounted on front stem

Folding tailgate ramp

Ports 2 pcs incl. dividing pole

Prepared for tail lift


Manually extendable supports, 2 alt. 4 pcs

Technical specifications

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