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“Our self-developed hooklift ZVX17, known as Livab, is the most versatile on the market. It is optimal in narrow and low spaces and can handle all types of roll-on/roll-off containers and carriers.”

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Hooklift ZVX20

NEWS - We are releasing a new hooklift.

Since its launch in the early 80s, the Livab load-exchanger has been one of our most appreciated products. Now it comes in a new version – adapted for electric and gas chassis. ZVX20 has the same agility and versatility as its predecessor, but now with increased load capacity of 20 tons, more modern materials, and a design for even better usability.

Zetterbergs egenutvecklade lastväxlare Livab är den mångsidigaste på marknaden.

Hooklift ZVX17

Livab - the most versatile hooklift on the market.

Our ZVX17-Livab swap body system can handle all rolling pallets and load carriers on the market. With a tilt angle of 96 degrees, the system allows for upright positioning of silos. The swap body has a smooth movement pattern and a long reach, making it easy to handle in tight and low spaces. Its advanced frame construction provides a light weight while still having maximum strength.

Maximum strength

Advanced frame construction provides low weight, but maximum strength for pulling and transportation.


Handling, transportation, and movement of waste systems, carriers, and machinery.

High tip angle

A tilt angle of 96 degrees allows for upright positioning of the silo system.

Simple handling

Smooth movement pattern and long reach make it suitable for low and narrow spaces.

Product photos

Our hooklift fits all chassis models. More deliveries are continuously presented on our social media.


Duomatic clutch for connection to automatic coupler on truck exchange flatbed.

Made of expanded metal for protection against the furnace

Tool carrier including holders for shovel, broom, and pry bar.

Installation of manually operated canopy, pneumatically elevated.

Technical specifications

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