ZT4 is a robust tipping platform designed for flexible transportation and easy spreading of loads. The platform is optimized for piece goods and loading of pallets and has an easily workable folding and locking gate system.

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Tipper ZT4

Tipper body with many possibilities

Our ZT4 tipper body is durable and developed for safe transportation with an easy-to-use side gate system and easy spread of loads.

The longitudinal beams provide a rigid and lightweight bottom, reducing sway during tipping. Fully welded bottom profiles prevent bending and deformation, resulting in a strong and robust tipping system. The body has self-supporting steel profiles for 2, 3, or 4-axle chassis and a high-strength steel bottom.

The ZT4 includes a built-in locking mechanism for the sides, saving both time and money.

High load capacity

With longitudinal beams, the bed becomes stiff, but lightweight and creates room for heavier loads.

Easy to work with

Locking mechanism on the side gates for easy and efficient handling. Saving both time and money.

Cargo friendly

Smooth loading for both cargo masses and piece goods. Two pallets lengthwise fit across the width of the tipper bed.

Stable bottom

The flat bed is light and stiff in high-strength steel with longitudinal beams and fully welded bottom profiles.

Product variants

Tipper ZT4 is available in two additional designs as a superstructure.

Zetterbergs tippflak ZT4 som sidotipp med helt öppningsbar sida.


Two way tipper with fully openable side.

ZT4 Matic with completely openable sides allows you to side tip, as well as easily load cargo from the side. The Matic gate is made of steel and is controlled by three hydraulic cylinders and has hydraulic locking. With a two-way tip, the usage area is wide, and the flexibility makes the truck appreciated on the construction site. It creates better possibilities in tight spaces.

Zetterbergs tippflak som sidotipp med sida i en övre och undre sidoläm.


A spill-proof tipper with comfortable side tipping.

ZT4 Zetmatic is the choice for those who frequently side-tip and want to make it convenient, with control from the cab. The lower Zetmatic side gate is made of high-strength steel and is controlled by two double-acting hydraulic cylinders. It has a fixed height and widens the platform when tipping, which places the tipping load further away from the vehicle and reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle and wheel blockages.

Product photos

Our tipper body ZT4 is available in several different models and fits all truck chassis. More deliveries will be presented regularly on our social media.


Optional 6mm thick base plate, instead of the standard 5mm.

Aluminum plank with a profile width of either 25mm or 40mm are available.

Suspended for automatic locking

Can be opened as a door with automatic closing

Suspended for Laxo hooks

Can be opened as a door for Laxo hooks

Pneumatically or hydraulically operated auto-mold. The choice affects the type of cylinder.

Automatic fitting 250mm

Pneumatic opening of spreader gate instead of automatic closing.

Flat bed heating  5″ inlet, compressed air damper and switch in cab

Electric vibrator

Asphalt sheets

Panels made of 25mm anodised aluminum plank, push-on type.

Technical specifications

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