Acknowledgement of receipt

Confirmation of receipt

As a costumer to Zetterbergs Industri AB you have received a delivered batch and need to fill in a confirmation of receipt, according to directives in the accompanying document.

The effective date for the current warranty is the date of handover of complete equipment to the customer, however no later than 6 months after the signed delivery document from Zetterbergs, unless otherwise agreed.

The form below must be sent to Zetterbergs Industri AB completely filled in for the warranty obligations to apply.

Fill out forms

Fields marked with * are mandatory in order to submit the form.

Information from Zetterbergs certificate

Vehicle details

Your customer

Delivery to customer

An automatic reply that the proof of receipt has arrived is sent to the specified e-mail. The receipt is kept by us indefinitely as a basis for any upcoming matter regarding the construction.

Should any problems arise, please contact us.
Telephone: +46 (0)292-705 28

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