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About Zetterbergs

Zetterbergs was founded in Östervåla in 1923. We offer a broad range of Swedish-made superstructures, with focus on construction vehicles.

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About the company

Zetterbergs offers high-quality, stylish Swedish-made truck body solutions. We invest in a high degree of automation to ensure continued profitable and sustainable operations in Sweden.

Quality and environment

We work according to the common principles "Zetterbergs IndustriSystem" (ZIS). With their help, we increase competence and productivity to develop our business.

The history of Zetterbergs

The company was founded in 1923 by blacksmith Henrik Zetterberg, and now operates a factory with streamlined and automated production. Through innovations, we have always taken steps forward.

Work with us

Zetterbergs combines innovative thinking with strong traditions. We operate on an international market, but have strong local roots. In the facility, we have around 30 different professional areas.


All our operations take place at our factory in Östervåla, where you will find staff from all business areas on site. Find your right contact in our organization for the case.


Zetterbergs' market area is primarily the Nordics, but we also operate on the international market with partners in others countries. In some countries we have international sales channels.

Check out our factory!

Zetterbergs has been around for over 100 years. We continue to focus on the production of Swedish-made truck bodies with high quality, high load capacity and sustainable profitability.

The entire production flow is in our facility in Östervåla. Welcome to take a look inside the factory!

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