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Tipping trailers

Both dumper and flatbed are adapted to tipper trailers with chassis from 2 up to 5 axles. We have different chassis concepts depending on the market and design solutions based on your transport needs.

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Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som 3-axlig tippkärra.

ZD4 3-axle tipping trailer

Swedish concept with high load capacity

Our dumper ZD4 mounted on a 3-axle trailer chassis from Kilafors. With clever design solutions and material choices, we have optimized weight and stability. That makes it both light, smart and stylish. A tipping trailer for the toughest assignments adapted to the Nordic climate.


Dumper in the highest quality mounted on a trailer chassis from Kilafors.


A 20% reduction in weight provides better load capacity and reduced fuel consumption.


Hardox 500TUF - the new generation wear plate increases the lifespan by 40%.


The combination of construction and robot welding produces a robust and durable dumper unit.

Product variations

We can equip your tipper trailer with different types of superstructures and models, such as dumper or flatbed, rear or two-way tipping and with different types of spreader gates. 

2-axlig tippkärra med Zetterbergs dumper ZD4.

2-axle Tipping trailer, dumper

3-axlig tippkärra med Zetterbergs dumper ZD4.

3-axle Tipping trailer, dumper

3-axligt tippsläp med Zetterbergs dumper ZD4.

3-axle Tipping trailer, dumper

4-axligt tippsläp med Zetterbergs dumper ZD4.

4-axle Tipping trailer, dumper

5-axligt tippsläp med dumper ZD4 på chassi från Kilafors.

5-axle Tipping trailer, dumper

Zetterbergs automatkassett ZD4-KA under kassettering.

Trailer for automatic cassette

Tippkärra med Zetterbergs flak ZT4

2-axle Tipping trailer, flatbed

3-axlig tippkärra med Zetterbergs tippflak ZT4.

3-axle Tipping trailer, flatbed

Product photos

Swedish concept with the ZD4 dumper on the chassis of Kilafors. Also available in other variants. We continuously publish deliveries of newly made constructions on our social media platforms.

Additional option

Protection for lower side profile on dumper, in aluminium.

Spreader gate 40 mm aluminum profiles with front hinge 130 mm.

Spreader gate 40 mm alu-profiles, hanging and turning, door type. 

Spreader gate steel 5 mm with front hinge 130 alt. 250 mm.

Spreader gate steel alt. aluminum high-lift with slide locking. Automatic tailgate is deleted. Bottom extended 200 mm.
(Not for side tip.)

Spreader gate steel alt. aluminum high-lift incl. automatic tailgate.
(Not for side tip.)

Straight mudguards in stainless steel, mounted in the dumper body.

Mudguards round in plastic, mounted in chassis frame.

Extensions height 400 mm of 40 mm aluminium profiles.

Vibrator electric type Svea diesel.

Automatic tailgate standard height 400 mm.

Automatic tailgate height 250 mm.

Quick closing valve for front-mounted cylinder.
Electrically activated via in-cab operation.

Technical Specifications

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