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Quality and environment

Zetterbergs IndustriSystem

At Zetterbergs, our work is guided by our shared “Zetterbergs IndustriSystem” (ZIS) principles. These help to boost our skills, increase productivity and develop our operations through continuous improvement.

ZIS comprises the values, principles and priorities that guide our work in both the short and long term. Our values have remained stable over time, and formed the starting point for our business. The principles govern the way we think and act. The principles also guide our choice of methods and way of working. By choosing the right way of working, we achieve our desired results. We follow up on the results to obtain feedback. This tells us whether we are working the right way, or whether we could be making improvements.

Our principles

ZIS can be symbolised by a dumper body on a truck. We put the customer first in everything we do, which is why the customer is placed in the driver’s cab at the front. The subframe comprises our two fundamental principles that underpin the business: stable processes and standardised working methods. We are positioned centrally on the dumper body to illustrate the importance of working together towards the same goal, with everyone responsible for working correctly at each stage. The entire operation is consumption-driven. Above this, there should always be respect for each other. Continuous improvements in collaborative work with our customers mean that, as a company, we can be at the forefront.


At Zetterbergs, we constantly strive to reduce and prevent environmental impacts and implement continuous improvements in this area.

Through our environmental work, we:

  • Comply with the laws and requirements that apply to our environmental operations.
  • Work to prevent accidental emissions.
  • Work to assess the environmental impact of new or updated business in advance.
  • Our environmental work will focus on efficient energy and resource use.
  • We minimise the use of materials that are harmful to health or the environment.
  • We provide resources for training, skills development and experience sharing for management and employees alike.

Work environment

The work environment at our business must be designed so that those who work with us do not suffer ill health or injury as a result of their work, and that they can thrive and develop both professionally and as individuals. Work environment management must be a consideration in all decisions that are made and activities that are carried out.


You can find all our policies in full here.

ISO certification

Zetterbergs is certified for quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001) and work environment (45001). These certifications give our work more definition and structure with the potential for further development. Through our focus on quality, the environment and the work environment, we demonstrate to our customers that we are a stable and reliable supplier over the long term.

ISO certificate Zetterbergs

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