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Hooklift bed

We can offer both dumper and flatbed as load carrier for hooklift. Regardless of choice, you get a product with a high load capacity. With sturdy constructions and smart material choices, they withstand heavy loads and hard wear.

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Zetterbergs lastväxlarkorg ZD4-LV.

Dumper ZD4-LV

Hooklift dumper with high load capacity

Lower weight gives increased load capacity in combination with reduced fuel consumption. The ZD4-LV is the dumper for those who work with tough transports, want to load a lot and earn more.

High load capacity

20% lighter than its predecessor. Load more and get lower fuel consumption.

Stable bottom

Folded 45 degrees to the side for maximum strength and high wear protection.

Hardox 500TUF

The new-generation wear plate. Increases the service life by 40%.

nice design

The construction combined with details results in a final product with a high-end finish.

Flatbed ZT4-LV

Hooklift flatbed for various types of transportation

Our durable ZT4-LV is designed for safe transport with an easy-to-use side locking system and smooth spreading of loads. It is also well suited for the transport of solid goods such as pallets.

Zetterbergs lastväxlarflak ZT4-LV.

High load capacity

Construction and materials make the flatbed strong and light with a high load capacity.

Easy to work with

Locking mechanism on the side gates for easy and efficient handling.

Load friendly

Easy loading as two pallets lengthwise fit on the width of the flatbed.

Stable bottom

In high-strength steel with fully welded bottom profiles for a sturdy tipping system.

Product photos

We offer both dumper and tipper for hooklifts. We continuously publish new deliveries of our products on social media if you are curious to see more.

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