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Zetterbergs has existed since 1923. We manufacture truck bodies and are an important part of Sweden’s vehicle and manufacturing industry. Here, craftsmanship is combined with automated production technology. Our entire production flow is in the facility in Östervåla and we have staff with a variety of professional roles.

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Meet some of our staff

In our facility there are people with a range of different professions. Here you can meet some of those who answer the questions:

  • What is the most enjoyable part of your professional role?
  • What do you think is the best thing about Zetterbergs as a workplace?
Anställd ute på förmonteringen i anläggningen i Östervåla.

Björn Johansson

Hired since: 1994

– Screwing is fun! I see it as a craft and getting tipping cylinders, pipes, valve packs, tanks and hydraulics together on a subframe requires thinking. The most fun is when it gets really advanced. It stimulates me!

– Living close to work is something very positive, but I also think that the colleagues are incredibly good! The job is fun. In recent years, I also think that the company, more than before, has a clearer drive forward with the goal of developing and remaining in Östervåla. I like that!

Danny Nygård arbetar med produktutveckling framför sin dator.

Danny Nygård

Hired since: 2015
Product developer

– My duties are governed by strict technical principles while also including a lot of creativity. I like that combination. It is fun to try to optimize the constructions so that they will be strong, light, easy to manufacture and preferably with some smart twist that can stand out among similar products in the industry.

– It is easy to develop products when production takes place in the same building, as here at Zetterbergs. The colleagues at the company are fun and spontaneous, which I appreciate. And you often get a lot of variety in the working day.

Stefan Sundin som arbetar på Zetterbergs lager.

Stefan Sundin

Anställd sedan: 1973
Warehouse worker

– In the warehouse, no two days are the same. It is very varied with unloading and loading. It is also a social job. You meet very nice customers on delivery who you get to know. During all my years, I have always had to work under my own responsibility. It means that you feel a sense of trust from the company, which I appreciate.

– I always think that Zetterbergs has been a good place to work. Of course, it is convenient to work in the place of residence, but it mainly feels like a stable and secure employer. You have good colleagues and that is probably what makes me enjoy my job so much!

Sophia Larsson. Produktionsplanerare på Zetterbergs.

Sophia Larsson

Hired since: 2021
Production planner

– The most enjoyable thing as a production planner is that I get to be involved in the entire chain, from orders, planning and during the entire manufacturing process. I am constantly faced with new challenges that make you develop.

– Zetterbergs is a workplace with good values, it’s just the right size and you have lots of good colleagues.

Anställd i ett bås för manuell svetsning i anläggningen i Östervåla.

Per Lundén

Hired since: 2010

– I think it’s fun to weld and build! Although my job only consists of welding, it is varied because the constructions are different.

– The best thing about Zetterbergs? Good people! Everyone is nice and helpful.

Our values

Our values are important to us and are the foundation of our corporate culture. To thrive at Zetterbergs, you should feel that these are values that you also want to work based on.

In our work and decision-making, we focus on activities that create value for the customer.​

Our actions and relationships are based on long-term thinking.

The way we interact with customers, suppliers and each other is characterised by an open and honest attitude.

Through the knowledge, determination and capability of our employees, together we are building a successful company in which we can all thrive.

Tips from HR

Gabriella Hellman works as HR manager with us at Zetterbergs and gives you some tips regarding recruitment and future work opportunities.

Gabriella Hellman som är HR-chef på Zetterbergs.

What kind of people are we looking for at Zetterbergs?

– We have a number of different professional groups in our business, which is incredibly exciting! Here we exchange experiences and learn from each other. We value differences in order to have a flexible workplace. So keep an eye out for jobs that could suit you!

We are looking for team players who want to be part of the continued development of the business and show respect and concern for others. Reliability and commitment are important to reach common goals. We have high quality requirements for our end product and in our work environment, so following our internal routines and safety regulations is a matter of course.

Do you have any tips for people thinking about their choice of education and future professional life?

– Consider the manufacturing industry! It has strong growth and a great need for employees both now and in the future. It is a challenging and fun industry to work in with great development opportunities.

What is fascinating is following the production flow. With us, it is an enormous professional pride to be involved in the process from sheet metal to construction, and then see the truck roll out through the gates. Everyone’s contribution is important there, regardless of their professional role.

What do you look for in a CV and application?

– Writing your CV in reverse chronological order is recommended. Put your most recent employment at the top to attract interest. Take advantage of the short time your CV is reviewed. Have a good structure so you can easily understand. In addition to employer information, employment interval and professional title, you should include a brief description of your role and your results within the company.

The personal letter should attract continued reading. Sell yourself and write why you are the right person for the job already in the introduction. Tell us what you are like as a person in working life and what you would bring. Don’t forget your contact details in both documents. Good luck!


Working at Zetterbergs

Innovative thinking and strong traditions

Zetterbergs is a company that combines innovative thinking with strong traditions. We operate on an international market, but have strong local roots. We combine the recruitment of recent graduates and people with experience from various industries with employees who have worked at the company for generations. It provides a mix of craftsmanship and modern production technology.

Together we create success

Success is based on commitment. For us, it is important that the staff enjoy the workplace and that everyone gets the opportunity to contribute with their knowledge and abilities. By everyone taking personal responsibility, working based on jointly set goals and always striving to find areas for improvement, we develop both individuals and companies. It makes us grow.

Differences give power to change

At Zetterbergs, we are proud to be able to recruit and develop a variety of different types of employees, such as salespeople, welders, administrators, product developers, vehicle assemblers, buyers and warehouse workers. A mix of personalities and characters that makes the company dynamic and opens up for innovation big and small. We strive to be a workplace that stands for diversity and equality and therefore welcome both men and women with varying experiences and backgrounds to apply for our vacancies. We value differences.

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