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We manufacture, supply, and assemble a range of components for truck bodies. When ordering a complete superstructure, you avoid having to communicate with multiple suppliers.

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Our components

You will find a range of components for truck bodies / truck conversions with us. See product sheets under each article.

Zetterbergs egentillverkade kranfundament för olika chassityper och enkel montering.

Crane foundation

Crane foundation adapted for crane assembly behind cabin and subframe under crane in U-profile type. High strength and easy assembly. Available in types 10-30 ton/m and 30-40 ton/m.
Redskapshållare med kompakt design som monteras mellan hytt och påbyggnation.

Tool holder compact

Compact design. Holder for shovel, spear and brush. Positioned advantageously between the truck cabin and the superstructure. Hot-dip galvanized construction that suits most superstructures.
Zetterbergs glastömningsverktyg.

Glass emptying tool

Two-hook system for truck cranes. Placed in the telescopic arm.
Fits most cranes and is adjustable in the front part for the desired distance between the hooks.
Redskapshållare i rammonterad design.

Tool holder on subframe

Assembled design. Holder for shovel, spear and brush. Advantageously placed up on the subframe alongside the car above the tanks or similar. Hot-dip galvanized construction that fits most superstructures.
Zetterbergs robotsvetsade avslutningsbalk för olika rambredder.

Termination beam

Robots welded termination beam for various frame widths. Flexible with shims. Expandable for the opportunity to add more hydraulic connections. Suitable for most truck brands.
RobsonDrive. Den enkla vägen till fyrhjulsdrift.


The easy way to four-wheel drive. RobsonDrive is a cheap and lightweight alternative for equipping a chassis with four-wheel drive - to be able to tackle rough roads with a 6x2 vehicle. Specific construction for different chassis types.

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