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Our rugged dumper ZD4 is the perfect superstructure for trucks in harsh environments. Its high load capacity, smart functions and choice of materials make for a powerful and profitable dumperbody with a long service life.

Zetterbergs slitstarka dumper ZD4 med hög lastförmåga.

Dumper ZD4

Rear way tipper with the highest load capacity

ZD4 is our fourth-generation dumper. We have optimised its weight and stability through smart design solutions and material choices, making it stylish, smart and lightweight. High-strength wear steel from SSAB in combination with robotic welding gives you a really durable dumperbody.

Dumper ZD4 is the superstructure for the toughest transports in the construction sector. Loads a lot and increases your profitability.

High load capacity

The new generation is 20% lighter. Higher load capacity and lower fuel consumption.

Stable bottom

Folded 45 degrees to the side for maximum strength and high wear protection.

Hardox 500TUF

The new-generation wear plate. Increases the service life by 40%.

BuILDING height

It sits more comfortably on the chassis thanks to the market's lowest building height, 340 mm.

Product variants

The ZD4 dumper is also available in three other versions.

Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som kombi. Kombinerad dumperbil och trailerdragare i ett.


Dumper combined with fifth wheel

The ZD4 Kombi is developed to optimize runs where the need for flexibility is high.
With a fifth wheel on the subframe and a dumper body equipped with a quick lock, you get a trailer tractor and tipper truck in one and the same construction. The area of use will be wide and the transport possibilities many.

Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som sidotipp med tvådelad sida.


Two-way tipper with precision functions

The ZD4 Zetmatic is the obvious choice for you who side tip frequently – and want to do it comfortably. Tipping is operated from the cab, with the tipping mass moved away from the truck to prevent blocking of the wheels or damage. 
With the ZD4 Zetmatic, you get a vehicle that tips easily and safely.

Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som sidotipp med helt öppningsbar sida.


Two-way tipper with fully opening side

The ZD4 Matic makes the truck more flexible thanks to its quick and easy hydraulic side opening for tipping. The fully opening side also lets you easily load general cargo from the side. A practical solution for tighter spaces. One command is enough to unlock and fold the side. It doesn’t get any smoother.

Product photos

Our popular ZD4 tipper is available in a variety of versions and for all chassis models.

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Spreader gate 40 mm aluminum profiles with front hinge 130 mm.

Spreader gate 40 mm alu-profiles, hanging and turning, door type. 

Spreader gate steel 5 mm with front hinge 130 alt. 250 mm.

Spreader gate steel alt. aluminum high-lift with slide locking. Automatic tailgate is deleted. Bottom extended 200 mm.
(Not for side tip.)

Spreader gate steel alt. aluminum high-lift incl. automatic tailgate.
(Not for side tip.)

Spreader gate steel front-hinge with integrated and openable/removable aluminum hatch.

Spreader gate steel front hinge 250 mm. Top edge lowered 200 mm.

Automatic tailgate standard height 400 mm.
Pneumatic or hydraulic.

Automatic tailgate standard height 250 mm.
Pneumatic or hydraulic.

Automatic tailgate HD height 250 mm.

Automatic tailgate HD height 400 mm.

Toolbox in stainless steel.
Length 300, 500, 600, 800 alt. 1000 mm.
With or without edges on top.

Toolbox galvanized, open.
Mounted on subframe side.

Tool holder compact design.
Electro-galvanized and yellow chromated.
Mounted on the dumper.

Tool holder subframe mounted.
Electro-galvanized and yellow chromated.
Mounted on subframe.

Protection for lower side profile on dumper, in aluminium.

Vibrator electric type Svea diesel.

Vibrator trailer prepared incl. Solenoid and NATO connector.
Maneuvering in cab.

Flashlight ramp

Reverse lights




Extra lights

Plow lighting

Straight mudguards in stainless steel, mounted in the dumper body.

Mudguards round in plastic, mounted in chassis frame.

Underrun protection, rear, aluminium. 

Underrun protection, rear, steel.

Extensions height 400 mm of 40 mm aluminium profiles.

Front plow attachment front VV95.

Front plow attachment front Norway.

Side plow attachment and boom.

Grader blade in fixed or rotatable design.

Coupling VBG 795 package incl. air servo, VBG 14 alt. 17. 

Towing hook.

Tipper hydraulics trailer signals and functions in many different variants.

Quick lowering valve for front-mounted cylinder.
Electrically activated via in-cab operation.

Surface treatment solid color with or without clear coat.
Metallic incl. clear coat.

Hydraulic pump fixed, variable and double pumps in different sizes.

Hydraulic oil standard alt. environmentally friendly.

Side barrier alu-profile alt. stainless steel planks.

Air servo in cab. (Standard mounted in rear on bracket.)

Reverse camera

Hydraulic tank in aluminium, stainless steel or sheet metal for mounting behind the cab or outside the chassis frame in various sizes.

Contact our sales staff if there are other requests and we will of course check the possibility of finding solutions!

Technical specifications

Product film

Just some of the reasons why our ZD4 dump truck is a great choice for both you and future generations.

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