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Automatic cassette

Our ZD4-KA automatic cassette facilitates your transports and maximises your efficiency. This product solution is easier to handle in smaller work areas and reduces the number of manual operations.

Zetterbergs automatkassett ZD4-KA ger maximal effektivitet.

ZD4-KA automatic cassette

Combination for maximum efficiency

The ZD4-KA combination facilitates your construction operations and maximises your efficiency. The cassette ring is chain-driven with dual speeds, and features innovative solutions for disconnecting the electricity and brake couplings. 

Time saving

The high load capacity and smooth handling ensure efficient construction operations.

Secure locking

The automatic cassette features a double lock. One mechanical and one pneumatic.

Cassette ring

Hydraulic dual-speed chain drive with smart disconnection solution.

Parking position

Damping elements that distribute the weight evenly and minimise noise disturbance.

Product film

Our automatic cassette for smooth and efficient construction operations. The high load capacity, smart features and stylish design make this an unbeatable combination.

Product photos

The automatic cassette is a combination that offers maximum efficiency.
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Technical specifications

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