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Our rugged ZD4 dump truck is the perfect superstructure for trucks in harsh environments. Its high load capacity, smart functions and sophisticated choice of materials make for a powerful and profitable dump truck with a long service life.

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Zetterbergs slitstarka dumper ZD4 med hög lastförmåga.

ZD4 dump truck

Rugged dump truck with high load capacity

Rugged dump truck with high load capacity

Our ZD4 is our fourth-generation dump truck. We have optimised its weight and stability through smart design solutions and material choices, making it stylish, smart and lightweight.

The ZD4 is the dump truck for the toughest jobs.

High load capacity

20% lighter than its predecessor. Higher load capacity and lower fuel consumption.

Stable bed

Folded 45 degrees to the side for maximum strength and high wear protection.

Hardox 500TUF

The new-generation wear plate. Increases the service life by 40%.

Low build height

It sits more comfortably on the chassis thanks to the market's lowest build height - 340 mm.

Product variants

The ZD4 dump truck is also available in three other bodywork versions.

Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som kombi. Kombinerad dumperbil och trailerdragare i ett.


Combined trailer tractor and dump truck

The ZD4 Combi has been developed for optimised driving when there is a high demand for flexibility. The fifth wheel mounted on the subframe and the dump truck basket equipped with quick locks broaden the application range and transport options. 


Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som sidotipp med tvådelad sida.


Side tipping dump truck with precision functions

The ZD4 Zetmatic has been designed for driving with frequent side tipping and a need for comfort. Tipping is operated from the cab, with the tipping mass moved away from the truck to prevent blocking of the wheels or damage.

Zetterbergs dumper ZD4 som sidotipp med helt öppningsbar sida.


Side tipping dump truck with fully opening side

The ZD4 Matic makes the dump truck more flexible thanks to its quick and easy hydraulic side opening for tipping. The fully opening side also lets you smoothly load general cargo from the side.

Product photos

Our popular ZD4 dump truck is available in a variety of versions and for all chassis models.

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Falling object protective structure
Falling object protective structure for lower side profile in aluminium.

Spreader hatch
40 mm spreader gate in aluminium plank with 130 mm forward-oriented mounting.

40 mm spreader gate in aluminium plank, suspended and pivoting, as door. 

Spreader gate in 5 mm steel plate with 130 mm or 250 mm forward-oriented mounting.

Spreader gate in steel plate or aluminium, high-lift with sliding lock.
Automatic tailgate removed. Bed extended by 200 mm. (Not on side tip)

Spreader gate in steel plate or aluminium, high-lift incl. automatic tailgate. 
(Not on side tip)

Spreader gate in steel plate, front hung with recessed and opening/removable aluminium hatch.

Spreader gate in steel, front hung 250 mm with top edge of hatch lowered by 200 mm.

Automatic tailgate
Automatic tailgate standard height 400 mm.
Pneumatic or hydraulic.

Automatic tailgate standard height 250 mm.
Pneumatic or hydraulic.

Automatic tailgate HD height 250 mm.

Automatic tailgate HD height 400 mm.

Straight mudguards in stainless steel, mounted in the dump truck basket.

Round mudguards in plastic, mounted in the chassis frame.

Underrun protection
Underrun protection, rear, aluminium. 

Underrun protection, rear, steel.

Trailer coupling
VBG 795 trailer coupling package incl. VBG 14 or 17 air actuator. 


Riser panels
Height 400 mm of 40 mm aluminium plank, complete.

Stainless steel toolbox.
Length 300, 500, 600, 800 or 1000 mm.
With or without top board.

Galvanised storage box, open.
Mounted on subframe side.

Tool holder, compact design. 
Electrogalvanised and yellow chromated.
Mounted on upper edge between cab and superstructure.

Tool holder, frame-mounted design.
Electrogalvanised and yellow chromated.
Mounted longitudinally on the subframe.

Svea Diesel type electric vibrator.

Trailer vibrator prepared incl. Solenoid and NATO contact. Manoeuvring in cab.

Flashlight strip

Rear lights

Rotating beacons

Work lights


Additional lights

Plough lighting

Plough equipment
VV95 front plough bracket.

Front plough bracket, front plate, Norway.

Side plough bracket and sliding boom.

Planing blades, fixed or rotating version.

Trailer functions
Tipper hydraulic trailer signals and functions in multiple variants.

Quick lowering valve on front-mounted cylinder. Electrically activated via operation in the cab. 

Surface treatment solid colour with or without clearcoat. Metallic incl. clearcoat.

Hydraulic pump fixed, variable and double pumps in various sizes.

Hydraulic oil standard or environmentally friendly.

Side barriers aluminium profile or stainless steel plank.

Air actuator in cab. (Standard rear-mounted on lightbox.)

Reversing camera

Hydraulic tank in aluminium, stainless steel or plate for mounting behind the cab or outside the chassis frame in various sizes.

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Technical specifications

What our customers say

“Zetterbergs means flawless service.”

Fredrik Björk got exactly the truck he wanted. Low product weight and first-class customer service brought him back to Zetterbergs.


“Incredibly easy to operate!”

Alexander Carlsson on Zetterbergs’ ZD4-K, a combined dump truck and trailer tractor. At Ekstrands Jord & Grus AB, they need to shift both gravel and machinery. 


“I can’t think of a better construction for our business.”

For the water and wastewater department at Värnamo municipality, the side tipper with fully opening gate is perfect for easy tipping and loading of general cargo.



Product film

Just some of the reasons why our ZD4 dump truck is a great choice for both you and future generations.

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